Rosea Nobo

The opening of the exhibition called ROSEA NOBO in the beginning of 2011 was attended by a great crowd of art lovers and very special guests. This exhibition was officially opened by the Minister of Culture Michelle Hooyboer-Winklaar. Governor Mr. F.J. Refunjol also took this occasion to revisit Ateliers ‘89.
The exhibitions were wonderful with the participation of 32 local artists. Newcomers and known artists exhibited their most recent works at Ateliers ’89, StudiO and Insight Gallery.

Download foreword J.M. Noceda Fernandez (pdf)

Alida Martinez Ciro Abath Ciro Abath and Hugo Palmar Hugo Palmar
Ciro Abath Ciro Abath Stan Kuiperi Stan Kuiperi Belinda de Veer
Belinda de Veer Belinda de Veer and Marisol Cañizalez Belinda de Veer Belinda de Veer Marisol Cañizalez
Marisol Cañizalez Edmond Tujeehut Edmond Tujeehut Edmond Tujeehut Desiree Rep-Sporkslede
Vanessa Paulina Vanessa Paulina Desiree Rep-Sporkslede Desiree Rep-Sporkslede Miriam D'Lisle
Miriam D'Lisle Edmond Tujeehut Edmond Tujeehut Marcello Werleman Marcello Werleman
Desiree Rep-Sporkslede Aura Wilming Aura Wilming Vanessa Paulina Marcello Werleman
Elvis Lopez Irene Peterson Irene Peterson Vera Croes
Aura Wilming Aura Wilming Aura Wilming David Winklaar David Winklaar
David Winklaar Priscila Lacle Priscila Lacle Priscila Lacle King Lie Kwie
Anjo Rotteveel Anjo Rotteveel Danilo Geerman Danilo Geerman
Evelino Fingal Evelino Fingal Evelino Fingal
Nelson Gonzalez Nelson Gonzalez Glenda Heyliger Glenda Heyliger Glenda Heyliger
Elvis Lopez Telka van Dodewaard Telka van Dodewaard Telka van Dodewaard Ryan Oduber
Ryan Oduber Ken Wolf      
Participating artist were: Ciro Abath, Marisol Canizalez, Vera Croes, Telka van Dodewaard, Evelino Fingal, Danilo Geerman, Nelson Gonzalez, Rob ter Haar, Glenda Heyliger, Miriam de L’isle, Stan Kuiperi, Priscilla Lacle, King Lie Kwie, Elvis Lopez, Alida Martinez, Mo Mohamed, Osaira Muyale, Ryan Oduber, Hugo Palmar, Vanessa Paulina, Irene Peterson, Josh Ras, Desiree Sporkslede, Edmond Tujeehut, Belinda de Veer, Aura Welming, Merel Welming, Marcello Werleman, Jess Wolf y Ken Wolf.

Artist Lopez showed his works including a wonderful music installation. Also to see were some unique video installations of Rob ter Haar, Ken Wolf, Nelson Gonzales, Hugo Palmar and Ryan Oduber. Glenda Heyliger, Vera Croes, Irene Peterson and Telka van Dodewaard showed their sculpture installations. Artists Danilo Geerman, David Winklaar, Anjo Rotterveel, King Lie Kwie en Marie Louise Wilming contributed as well. Aura Wilming, Priscilla Lacle and Evelino Fingal made this outstanding exhibition complete.

The exposition ROSEA NOBO should be viewed as a bridge leading to the first biennale of contemporary Caribbean art on Aruba. The Biennale is scheduled to start in November 2011. Starting 2011 every two years, a Biennale on Contemporary Caribbean art will be presented to the public. This is a most exciting contemporary visual arts manifestation. The foundation hopes to reach a broad audience of all ages, art-lovers and art-lover-to-be. The exhibits will be all over the island. The aim is to educate on contemporary Caribbean art as well as to provide a platform for individual artists, their creativity and ideas. The Biennale strives to provide an international platform for innovative and challenging contemporary art, showcasing the work of more than 35 artists from the region.

In addition to presenting artwork and providing professional workshops, the Biennale is also meant to create a sense of community among the artists. As well as encourage appreciation for recent developments in the Caribbean art world. Fundacion Encuentro Prome Bienal di Aruba is privileged to host these biennale exhibitions on contemporary Caribbean art.